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Replay Webinar - Whirlpool Case Study

Acquisitions are good, but they come with different processes and tools. Large, global companies like Whirlpool have found interesting solutions to overcome this issue. Whirlpool's Global Strategic Sourcing (GSS) division launched an initiative in spring of 2009 to standardize all the processes globally and ensure efficient working capabilities.

Steve Hall from Procurement Leaders, Blaine Hurley from Whirlpool, and Gerard Dahan from Ivalua share some useful insights on this topic.

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About the Speakers:


Steve Hall




Blaine Hurley 

Sr. Director, Sourcing Excellence, Global Strategic Sourcing 



Gerard Dahan

General Manager EMEA


​About Ivalua

Ivalua is one of the leading global vendors in SaaS spend management software. Ivalua solution is used by Procurement and Finance organizations for all supplier interactions including performance and risk tracking, sourcing, contracts, procure-to-pay, invoice automation and analytics. Ivalua has successfully implemented more than 200 customers worldwide (most among the Fortune 500) and is used daily by more than 300,000 users and millions of suppliers from over 70 countries.