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Webinar Replay: 

Next-Generation Strategic Procurement and Critical Competitive Advantages

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Looking to unlock a competitive advantage? We'll share the opportunities presented by next-generation strategic procurement, and outline how you can stay ahead of the curve by laying down the necessary foundations now.

Increased efficiency and savings are two of the greatest advantages of digitalization, with 89% and 86% reporting these benefits, respectively.

For procurement teams looking to stay ahead of the curve, next-generation technologies can unlock invaluable competitive advantages. It’s an approach (and indeed, a mindset) that offers nothing short of optimized user experience, greater cost savings, improved compliance, and increased efficiency. View this webinar replay to learn more about:

  • The impact emerging technologies will have on procurement in the next 3 years
  • How current technology is being used to improve strategic procurement.
  • How to improve the performance and value of procurement through digitalization

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