REPLAY WEBINAR: Ivalua Fall 2015 Innovations

AddOn Store | Dynamic Discounting | Invoice Data Capture | Advanced Reporting

Learn about all the new product goodies we announced at Ivalua On Air and how these enhancements to our spend management suite of solutions will help you make better, faster, more informed decisions to drive savings, eliminate risk, manage compliance and operate at peak levels! Whether you're a CPO, CFO, sourcing specialist, or supply chain guru - we've got something for you.

In this 30 minute webinar you'll learn about:

  • Ivalua AddOn Store, a major new capability that enables procurement teams to instantly install pre-configured templates and “add-ons” to their system. AddOns can also be created and shared with other Ivalua customers through a global AddOn network.
  • Ivalua Dynamic Discounting, a new module enabling real-time interaction with your suppliers during the payment cycle to drive savings by modeling and executing early-payment options.
  • Ivalua Invoice Data Capture, a new invoicing solution that instantly captures, converts and manages unstructured invoice data received in non-standard formats.
  • Ivalua Advanced Reporting capabilities gives procurement teams a configurable set of tools to visualize and analyze complex data sets across a global supply base.

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