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Redefining Procurement’s Value and Shifting Mindsets

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Procurement has undergone a significant evolution, embracing responsibilities in margin protection, supply continuity, risk management, sustainability, and innovation. Yet, despite these advancements, the value of procurement isn’t always clearly communicated or understood within the organization.

This transformative session with Chris Sawchuk, Principal and Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader at The Hackett Group, and Vishal Patel, VP Product Marketing at Ivalua, unveil insights from The Hackett Group’s 2023 Procurement Value Measurement Study.

Chris and Vishal will merge their expertise to help attendees consider some of the newer areas of value contribution procurement can - and should - lean into including:
  • Innovative methods for measuring and articulating procurement's value to resonate with every facet of your organization.
  • A deep dive into the transformative power of emerging technologies such as generative AI and their influence on procurement's strategic outlook.
  • Strategies for aligning procurement's business impact with external dynamics like economic shifts and supply chain disruptions. 

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