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Webinar Replay

Procurement & IT Collaboration:

Removing Silos to Drive Transformation

Procurement digital transformation is critical to ensuring business resiliency in times of crisis and realizing the full value of spend and suppliers. An effective partnership between IT and Procurement is critical to a successful transformation. Yet collaboration is often limited, with functions operating in silos or engaging too late and too tactically to realize the benefits.
During this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear findings and insights from interviews of CIO/CPO pairs. Several such partnerships were examined across multiple industries in a recent report from The Hackett Group and some core tenets for an effective partnership were identified.
View this webinar to learn:
  • What four conditions are common among effective Procurement-IT partnerships
  • Advice from Procurement to IT and vice versa to improve overall performance
  • How the partnership can build stronger relationships with suppliers, increase resiliency, and reduce costs
  • Real world examples of how leading organizations leverage Procurement-IT collaboration to generate more value for the business

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