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88% of UK businesses believe that digitalising procurement can help them to gain a competitive advantage over less digitally-savvy rivals.


In today’s turbulent landscape, businesses must digitally transform procurement so they can identify new revenue streams, as well as opportunities to innovate and collaborate. However, the level of digitalisation in procurement today is lagging, preventing procurement teams from helping the business gain a competitive advantage. The risk this creates is that less digitally mature businesses will fall behind their rivals, who effectively leverage their spend and suppliers to create value, accelerating revenue growth and improving business agility to be prepared for the next crisis.


of UK businesses say the coronavirus outbreak has decreased investment in sustainability initiatives
of UK businesses believe a lack of digitalisation is preventing them from innovating and executing on new revenue streams and opportunities

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  • Understand the true extent of procurement digitalisation in the UK
  • Find out how the lack of digitalisation is hindering businesses from collaborating with suppliers or identifying new revenue streams
  • Learn how the Ivalua platform can help organisations gain a competitive advantage over their rivals