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How Procurement Digitization is Supporting A Revolutionary Shift in Banking and Finance  

The Rise of Islamic Banking: Principles and Advantages


Islamic Finance is spearheading a revolutionary shift in banking built on one paramount principle – all transactions are based on real, ethical economic activity according to Islamic law.

Discover how the principles of Islamic banking are revolutionizing the procurement landscape. In the past, Sharia compliance requirements may have posed challenges for procurement activities. But now, with the advent of procurement automation, the Source-to-Pay process has become more streamlined and efficient.

Empowered with digital tools, procurement teams can effortlessly transmit the ethical values ingrained in Islamic banking to their trusted suppliers. Join us on this transformative journey towards a more responsible and effective procurement approach.

Download Ivalua’s latest whitepaper, presenting an Interview with Faiq Ali Khan, Procurement Consulting Director at Chartered Buying (Master Diploma Holder in Islamic Banking). The report uncovers the intricate world of Islamic banking principles, their impact on Procurement and how they align with their overarching mission!


About Faiq Ali Khan

Procurement Consulting Director - Chartered Buying Faiq is an accomplished Procurement Consultant at Chartered Buying, leveraging his expertise to drive impactful Procurement Transformation and Category Management initiatives. With an impressive background spanning nearly two decades, Faiq has cultivated a reputation as a sought-after professional in the industry. He is also the Vice Chair of CIPS Dubai Branch, demonstrating his commitment to advancing procurement excellence.

His wealth of experience encompasses providing strategic advisory to Fortune 500 companies across a spectrum of industries. Faiq excels in leading Procurement Operations, crafting innovative Sourcing Strategies, and spearheading Revenue Optimization endeavors. His proactive approach extends to cultivating Supplier Relationship Management, ensuring a robust vendor management network for his clients.

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