Ivalua Source-to-Pay Technology Review

For organizations looking to improve overall procurement performance beyond sourcing-led savings and P2P-led compliance, a single platform approach that goes beyond functional enablement can be a major advantage.

As one of the very small group of providers that has built an end-to-end solution on a single technology stack (from the ground up), Ivalua offers sufficient breadth and depth across all key functional areas, allowing it to serve as a single technology suite for procurement organizations.

In the Spend Matters Technology Review, procurement executives will learn:

  • Ivalua's extensive set of source-to-pay, sourcing and procurement software capabilities  
  • Ivalua's SaaS and PaaS approach to procurement, with broader sourcing and procurement facility
  • Why Ivalua is an optimal fit for organizations looking for a single, integrated, source-to-pay solution that will enable the maximizing of value from sourcing and procurement efforts, as well as existing ERP investments