Spend Matters SolutionMap 2017


Not every Procurement software provider is equally suited to every kind of client organization. For instance, an organization looking for pre-loaded capabilities, content, and know-how may be best suited for a Turn-Key approach. Similarly, organizations looking for flexibility, modularity and configurability may find the Configurator approach a better fit.

Therefore, I want to offer you Spend Matters’ SolutionMap for Procurement Technology Solutions—a novel approach to finding a spend management software: 5 Personas that reflect commonly prioritized requirements.

Participating vendors completed an extensive RFI, including a mandatory 90-minute live demo. On top of the analyst rating, the SolutionMap includes a customer rating based on real-life experiences with the solution.

In the Spend Matters Procurement Solution Map, procurement executives will learn:

  • The Persona that best fits their organizational requirements
  • Which Persona reflects an organization’s value proposition and engagement approach
  • Unique value proposition from participating vendors