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Select Medical faced numerous challenges, including lacking scalability and no formal or proactive decision making, and more. With Ivalua, Select Medical was empowered to countless time and cost savings benefits.

Read how Select Medical, one of the nation's largest providers of specialized hospital, rehabilitative and outpatient care, used Ivalua to streamline processes by downloading the case study.

Case Study

Select Medical Case Study:

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About Select Medical

Co-founded by Rocco A. Ortenzio and Robert A. Ortenzio in 1996, Select Medical began as a regional provider of outpatient physical rehabilitation. Contract therapy was added to the company's specialized health care offerings in 1997, and was quickly followed by the introduction of long-term acute care in 1998. In 1999, Select Medical made one of its largest acquisitions by purchasing NovaCare Physical Rehabilitation and Occupational Health.

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