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Dr Natacha Tréhan

New Global Challenges:
The Urgent Need for a Paradigm Shift in Procurement Performance


45% of CEOs worldwide believe their company will not be viable within 10 years if it stays on its current path.

To support business transformation, the Procurement function urgently needs to rethink its performance system.

Discover why Procurement performance systems are no longer fit for purpose in the context of new global challenges.

Dr. Natacha Tréhan shows the limitations of procurement measures in terms of risk management. She highlights the obsolescence of current measures of supplier performance. She also warns of the inadequacies of procurement performance in the light of new sustainability reporting requirements, whether under international IFRS-S or European CSRD standards.

Explore the new elements and approaches to procurement performance that are essential to success in the new era of procurement.

Understand what’s required to deploy an appropriate procurement performance system, based on examples of new functions created, new procurement organizations, and use-cases for generative artificial intelligence.


Dr. Natacha Tréhan not only gives us food for thought, but also suggests actionable solutions, with numerous companies.


About Dr Natacha Tréhan:

Natacha Tréhan is a Doctor of Management Science. She is a Professor in Purchasing Management at Grenoble-Alpes University. She is a specialist in the management of responsible Procurement, in the new customer-supplier relationships and in the decarbonization of supply-chains.

For many years, Natacha has managed the DESMA Master's Degree in Purchasing Management at the University of Grenoble Alpes in France. This is a Master's Degree of Excellence (No. 1 in France) co-hosted by Grenoble IAE - INP (Institut National Polytechnique) offering a program dedicated to students along with an executive program.

She is a researcher at CERAG and publishes in scientific and business journals.

As part of her consulting activities, she works with Executive Management Committees and Procurement Departments. She is a Procurement expert with the APM, an association of more than 8,000 CEOs. She sits as a qualified member on the Procurement Committees of corporations subject to European Directives.

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