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Gartner Report: 

Predicts 2024: CPOs Adjust to Technology’s Impact on Procurement


"Procurement technology is rapidly evolving and changing how procurement will be executed in the future. This research helps Chief Procurement Officers understand how technology is impacting the future of procurement and how to address the predicted impact on process, staffing and execution."

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  • "AI will dramatically change how work is done through skill augmentation, allowing people with little proficiency to execute at par with a relatively well-skilled procurement practitioner.
  • Technologies such as generative AI will take over most communication-focused tasks forcing procurement staff to learn more hard technical skills to stay relevant.
  • Procurement organizations that do not embrace AI technologies will find themselves at a cost and agility deficit compared to their competitors."

Download the latest Gartner report to explore how technology is revolutionizing Procurement Processes today!

Gartner, Predicts 2024: CPOs Adjust to Technology’s Impact on Procurement, By Micky Keck, Lynne Phelan, Kaitlynn Sommers, Naveen Mahendra, Ryan Polk, Meghan O'Doherty, Lynne Phelan, Fareen Mehrzai, 4 January 2024.
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