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Ardent Partners Report: 

2024 Strategic Sourcing Technology Advisor


Ivalua has been named a Market Leader in Ardent Partners’ 2024 Strategic Sourcing Technology Advisor report, placing strongly in the Market Leaders quadrant with robust functionality and unified platform advantages.

This comprehensive report evaluated the 8 vendors Ardent identified as solution and market leaders in the strategic sourcing space, placing Ivalua in the Market Leaders Quadrant based on its solution and provider strength.

Key strengths highlighted in the report:
  • Generative AI: Ivalua pioneers Generative AI with nine use case capabilities for strategic sourcing
  • Direct Materials: Ivalua excels in direct materials sourcing and master data management
  • Supplier Management: Ivalua leads in supplier management, including master data, risk management, and collaboration

Strategic sourcing is essential for key business objectives like profitability, supply resilience, sustainability, and compliance. Ivalua is proud to be a Market Leader in this assessment, providing transparency and automation for effective supplier management. 

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