Every year, The Hackett Group conducts an in-depth key issues study. The latest study focuses on Procurement’s transformation journey including goals and the obstacles limiting progress.

One key finding that immediately stands out is the apparent mismatch between what procurement considers to be most critical for success and what it is able to address. Taking this into account, for 2019, Hackett has identified five critical development areas:

Procurement's transformation agenda is poorly aligned with its most critical development priorities.
  • Improve analytical capabilities
  • Align skills and talent with business needs
  • Leverage supplier relationship management (SRM)
  • Improve procurement function agility
  • Improve customer-centricity

Further, to bridge the digital transformation gap, the report digs into technologies that an increasing number of procurement organizations are planning to adopt over the next 1-2 years. Top amongst them are master data management and advanced analytics.

The report also provides a view into procurement resources in 2019 and projected business risk that CPOs should be aware of.

Read this insightful report and get ready to make a big impact in 2019.


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