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Ardent Partners - Procurements Keys to Driving Value and Mitigating Risk in the Financial Services Industry

Driving Value and Mitigating Risk in Financial Services

What is your company doing to drive value and mitigate risk?

With heightened levels of regulation, competition, and risk, procurement departments in the financial services sector, by and large, are more heavily scrutinized. The procurement team’s performance, and that of their suppliers can have a more significant and direct impact on both the top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability.

This Ardent Partners report examines the key value drivers that procurement teams in this industry must leverage in order to succeed. In a series of interviews with CPOs and other Procurement executives, Ardent Partners identified the following drivers of Best-in-Class performance:

  • Business and Procurement Agility
  • Effective and Flexible Solutions
  • Supplier Risk and Performance