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Procurement Transformation Journey
a Select Medical Case Study

To successfully manage complexity, organizations need consistency and visibility.

Select Medical Procurement Transformation Journey
Select Medical is one of the nation's largest providers of specialized hospital, rehabilitative and outpatient care, and offers its patients a supportive and nurturing environment -- no matter where they are on their healthcare journey.

Select operates more than 100 long-term acute care hospitals, specializing in medically complex cases and 20 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals offering targeted therapeutic services under the direction of a physician specializing in physical medicine.  At over 1,600 outpatient centers, Select Medical also offers physical and occupational therapy, as well as occupational medicine.

You'll learn about how Ivalua helped Select Medical:

  • Develop a Center-Led, ‘best in class’ Procurement program
  • Enable pro-active decision making
  • Bring efficiency and scale to the process which = more benefits, sooner, visible with reporting