Ivalua | ProcureCon Report | Supply Chain Disruption

It’s quite astonishing to realize the challenges overcome by procurement and supply chain leaders in light of recent global events and how quickly the landscape is evolving during such uncertain times.

Supply chain bottlenecks are expected to remain until 2023, and as we advance forward with heightened awareness of the complexity and intertwined structures of today's supply chains, it’s absolutely crucial that organizations have clearly defined digitalization priorities and know where they still remain exposed.

Detecting, Responding, and Recovering Amidst Logistics and Supply Chain Disruptions is an industry report commissioned by Ivalua to expedite digital transformation with a sharp focus on how to manage risk, bolster resilience, and mitigate logistics and supply chain disruptions in today’s world.

Ivalua surveyed 110 Chief Procurement Officers, Vice Presidents, and Directors of Procurement and Supply Chain from across APAC regarding their digital transformation priorities, uncovering executive tactics and strategies being deployed by world leading organizations.

Key findings include:

  • Supplier risk management strategies being deployed by world leading organizations
  • Strategies being leveraged to mitigate risk
  • The main challenges organizations face when improving visibility
  • Top obstacles and how to overcome them when improving supply chain resilience
  • Investment priorities in light of recent global disruptions and continued uncertainty

If you’re looking to deconstruct your most pressing concerns and make sense of where to prioritize your investments, then this report is for you.