Ivalua for Procure-to-Pay

Buy what you need -indirect, direct and services- in a single solution

Download the Ivalua Procure-to-Pay solution datasheet and discover how Ivalua can provide your employees a familiar consumer buying experience to find and buy what they need at the best price, while providing you with contract compliance, budget control and accurate invoice reconciliation.

Ivalua Procure-to-Pay solution benefits:

  • Familiar consumer commerce experience from any device
  • Single place for goods, services, components, tools, travel
  • Buy at negotiated prices and within budget
  • Supplier, contract, legal, tax and policy compliance
  • Ensure manager approval and stakeholder input
  • Electronically capture majority of transactions
  • Reduced errors, fraud and risk
  • Reduced AP inquiries
  • Timely receipt, payment and discounts
  • Faster Procure-to-Pay cycle