Establishing and measuring relevant and actionable metrics is an important part of any business function. However, current ERP payment processes often come across as a complex ‘Blackbox,’ one with a flawed design that damages supplier trust and blocks commercial innovation.

In this webinar entitled “Payables Metrics That Maximize Your Buying Power," Ardent Partners’ Andrew Bartolini and Ivalua’s Stephen Carter presented the general competencies and capabilities of AP organizations today, and highlight the top strategies and tactics that leading AP and finance leaders have utilized to maximize their buying power.

View this webinar replay to gather insight into how to build a Best-in-Class AP operation. You'll learn:

  • How to reduce supplier inquiries by providing real-time payment status and reconciliation information against every invoice and payment
  • How transaction transparency ensures that every payment has a continuous thread back to the original procurement source (the supplier, the buyer, the order, or the contract)
  • How a flexible payment process can unlock the best price and faster delivery while maintaining control of your cash