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Research Study: Dr Natacha Tréhan

Circular Economy:
Opening New Routes with Procurement

Ivalua x Dr Tréhan

No, the circular economy is not Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
No, the circular economy is not always sustainable!

Yes, only a truly inclusive circular economy can decouple global economic development from the consumption of limited resources, while ensuring a social transition.


In this whitepaper, Dr Natacha Tréhan clarifies what the circular economy really is, beyond myths and presents current and future legislation. She explains why Procurement plays a decisive role in the circular economy, enabling companies to become resilient, regenerative and competitive.


Discover how to achieve this transition, what the concrete levers are and what transformations need to be carried out in terms of purchasing practices, buyer skills, purchasing organizations, ecosystem management and performance measurement.



    Challenging the myths
  • PART 1: WHY?
    Why should Procurement be the Lead climber on the circularity route?
  • PART 2: HOW?
    How can Procurement open new routes?
    What needs to change – internally and externally – to prepare for the ascent?
    Going beyond sustainable purchasing


About Dr Natacha Tréhan:

Natacha Tréhan is a Doctor of Management Science. She is a Professor in Purchasing Management at Grenoble-Alpes University.
She is a specialist in the management of responsible and regenerative Procurement, in the new customer-supplier relationships and in the decarbonization of supply-chains.
For many years, Natacha has managed the DESMA Master's Degree in Purchasing Management at the University of Grenoble Alpes in France. This is a Master's Degree of Excellence (No. 1 in France) co-hosted by Grenoble IAE - INP (Institut National Polytechnique) offering a program dedicated to students along with an executive program.
She is a researcher at CERAG and publishes in scientific and business journals.
As part of her consulting activities, she works with Executive Management Committees and Procurement Departments. She is a Procurement expert with the APM, an association of more than 8,000 CEOs. She sits as a qualified member on the Procurement Committees of corporations subject to European Directives.

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