This whitepaper sets out the motivators, opportunities, and capabilities developed in a new context of the digital transformation programme from the perspective of adoption as a primary enabler to success and business case delivery, which is essential for those who are directly involved in delivering, having accountability, playing a lead role, or are sponsoring. In essence, this paper advocates the use of a behavioural science-based approach to change and adoption as an effective mechanism to drive return on investment over pre-existing methods.

In short, this paper will provide you with:

  • A clear methodology and approach to drive adoption, over and above compliance
  • Key statistics to articulate your own business proposition
  • A comprehensive set of references to support the investment of a behavioural science-led approach
  • A clear list of interventions and policies needed to make the adoption of a digital procurement platform a success

Author: David L. Loseby, MCIOB Chartered, FAPM, FCMI, FCIPS Chartered, MIoD, FRSA
David is currently the Managing Director of Aquitaine Strategy Limited and previously the Group CPO for Rolls Royce plc. He is also a doctoral researcher in Behavioural Science and a Visiting Scholar at the University of East Anglia. David is also the Editor in Chief for the Journal of Public Procurement (JoPP) and the Editor for the International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management (IJOPDLM). Further he is one of the founders of the Procurement Doctor and author of thought leadership in P&SM