LP-RR-Ivalua-Roundtable (1)-min


If you missed our webinar that highlighted the story of Rolls-Royce’s success overcoming the Supply Chain challenges during COVID-19, you can still access the full recording and learn about how they worked to create more resilience and efficiency by modernizing and digitizing their Supply Chain using Ivalua tools. 

The past 18 months has shined a light on the criticality of an effective Supply Chain and Procurement management. COVID-19 had an almost immediate impact on supply chains, as factories closed down and transport was restricted and organizations tried to pivot to remote work. Predicting demand and sourcing became difficult as the world’s markets were disrupted and buying patterns changed overnight. 

Take a listen to what David Fryer, Transformation Lead of Direct Procurement at Rolls-Royce, has to say about overcoming these challenges. Learn more about: 

  • Current Supply Chain challenges
  • Digitizing the journey to create more value
  • Gaining insight into valuable Supply Chain analytics
  • Improving resilience and relationship management
  • Ivalua’s approach to efficient and sustainable processes