Spend Matters: Source-to-Pay Solution Map 2018

A complete, integrated Source-to-Pay (S2P) suite is increasingly acknowledged by leading companies as critical to digitization and realizing the possibilities of their spend and supply chains. Spend Matters has taken the lead by publishing the first industry evaluation of technology providers for their overall S2P suite capabilities. The Q3 2018 S2P SolutionMap evaluated both customer scores and the suite, considering:

  • Modular and suite level technological capabilities
  • Integrations
  • Supplier experience
  • Front end users and admin experience

Additionally, Spend Matters has acknowledged that companies have differing needs and hence has pursued a persona-based scoring, evaluating technology vendors’ fit for each persona.

Download this report to learn:

  • The Persona that best fits your organizational requirements
  • How different vendors stack up in meeting the needs of your persona

Ivalua is proud to be recognized as a VALUE LEADER for its complete S2P suite for all five personas, including the ONLY vendor recognized as a VALUE LEADER for the NIMBLE persona

According to Spend Matters:

  • Ivalua scored in the “top tier” for Customer Value summary score overall across the six solution areas
  • Ivalua is a recommended fit for all five Q3 S2P Suite SolutionMap Personas
  • The functional strengths of all of Ivalua’s suite-based modules extend its core strategic procurement technology capability
  • Ivalua is making significant R&D and product investments
  • Ivalua has one of the strongest configuration capabilities to enable business users to design and configure support for any sourcing scenario