At Ivalua NOW: Procurement Rising we welcomed a number of expert speakers from the Procurement, Finance and Supply Chain world, including:

David Loseby from Rolls Royce, who showed us that the true potential of digitization is not achieved simply through a successful platform implementation, but rather from changes in behaviour enabled by that technology

Natacha TREHAN who hosted 2 panel discussions - one on the role of CPOs in innovation and one on the importance of having a true CSR strategy - and shared her professional insights

Taid Qazi from Danske Bank, who demonstrated that the success of a Digital Transformation depends as much on the impact on and adoption by stakeholders as that on Procurement

Bertrand Piccard who challenged our view of "the impossible" and encouraged us to believe in ourselves and overcome our own limitations

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Other speakers include CPOs and Sourcing experts from IKEA, LeasePlanVeralliaBulgariCapgeminiPwCSNCF RéseauELISBouygues ConstructionEcoVadis.