Ivalua NOW 2022 was the premier event for Procurement and Supply Chain leaders looking to restore growth through innovation and build resilience within their organizations.

The three-day virtual event featured a number of compelling speakers who presented their vision and progress in transforming their organizations. We are delighted to provide you with access to all of the replays on-demand, including:

  • Rethinking Procurement
    Tony Long and Mark Krause - Honeywell
  • Building the Sourcing organization for tomorrow
    Yannick Caharel - Bulgari
  • Optimizing Direct Material Sourcing to Create Long-Term Value: A Q&A with BorgWarner’s Brad Hogerheide
    Brad Hogerheide - Borgwarner
  • Measuring eProcurement Success: A Q&A with the State of Ohio’s Andrew Cochran
    Andrew Cochran - State of Ohio
  • Connecting the Dots Between ESG Objectives and Source-to-Pay Processes
    Emily Rakowski - Ecovadis
    Antoine Heraud - Capgemini
  • Lessons from Innovation in Federal Procurement – A Panel Discussion
    Ben McMartin - Public Spend Forum
    Ben Marglin - Karsun Solutions
    Bonnie Evangelista - Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC)
  • Deploying Data Integrity across the Supply Chain Cycle
    Joe Yacura - IADQP
    Geoff Gates - Cleveland Clinic
  • Evolution to Accommodate Growth
    Dana Vader - NFCU
  • Cradle to Cradle in the Circular Economy: Designing for Safe and Shared Abundance
    William McDonough

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