Hackett Group 2022 P2P Benchmark Report | Ivalua

Spurred by promises of major efficiency gains, organizations have been navigating purchase-to-pay (P2P) digital transformation for several years. However, most still struggle with full process digitization and automation. While the digital gap between top performers and the rest is sizable, it can be closed.

In this detailed quantitative assessment, The Hackett Group measures P2P performance from an end-to-end process and service delivery perspective. The study compares top performers to a peer group across a number of different dimensions, including:

  • Cost-to-spend ratios
  • Cost-per-transaction
  • Catalog-based and touchless buying
  • Straight through processing
  • Invoice connectivity
  • and more...

How do you stack up against your peers? View this insightful report now to see.