Hackett Group Third-Party Risk Management Study

According to The Hackett Group, third-party risk management (TPRM) has become a critical capability for supply chains around the world. For some, that meant starting anew to address catastrophic risk events. For others, it was enough to boost the existing risk management program with fresh ideas and better risk mitigation strategies.

Regardless of how drastically the approach to risk management has changed, risk has become a commonplace topic at all levels of the business – up to the board level.

Download the results from Hackett’s comprehensive TPRM performance study to learn about:

  • Key categories and types of supply risk that need to be actively monitored and addressed
  • The top TPRM challenges facing organizations today
  • Critical risk factors in both manufacturing and services organizations
  • The primary risk mitigation strategies and practices currently in use today
  • Quantifying the value of third-party risk management
  • Current and future plans for risk management tools and technology