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Customer Case Study

 Modernizing Government
through eProcurement

"Getting that full end-to-end experience in one digital platform is a huge transformation for the way New York City operates..."

Dan Symon
Chief Procurement Officer | City of New York

Governing Institute: “Procurement Moves to the Forefront of Government Modernization”

eProcurement platforms offer a path to modernization – helping to streamline and automate manual processes and eliminate inefficiencies. Gartner estimates that the eProcurement market will have a CAGR of 10% by 2023, driven in part by increased adoption from state and local governments and federal agencies.

In this case study, the Governing Institute explores how eProcurement platforms can help state and local governments digitize processes and operations and deliver the modern capabilities their constituents need.

You’ll learn how New York City and the State of Arizona have modernized procurement processes to improve collaboration, accelerate supplier onboarding, manage change effectively, and deliver greater value to citizens.


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Procurement Moves to the Forefront of Government Modernization:

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