When: June 13, 2018 - 11 am EDT

Procurement objectives continue to broaden, yet resources are fixed or declining at most resources. In order to succeed, leaders must enable more informed, strategic decision-making.

A new study by Forrester surveyed 433 respondents across North America and Europe.

The results provide a practical look at how to enable smarter procurement.

Join this live webcast with Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Duncan Jones to hear:

  • Procurement’s new objectives in the age of the customer
  • The potential of new technologies such as AI to transform procurement
  • The challenges preventing companies from effectively leveraging these technologies
  • What companies need to do today to empower procurement to succeed

The webcast will include open Q&A – don’t miss this chance to learn the key to smarter procurement!



Duncan Jones
Vice President, Principal Analyst

Duncan contributes to Forrester’s offerings for Sourcing & Vendor Management Professionals and for Application Development and Delivery Professionals. He is a leading expert on business application strategies and how to get the most from strategic software partners, including packaged applications, SaaS, and custom development. By researching enterprises’ experiences in dealing with key software providers, such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP, Duncan helps clients create sound sourcing strategies, nurture better supplier relationships, and get better outcomes from their strategic software investments. He also advises software providers on pricing strategies and commercial trends.


Duncan is also a leading expert on ePurchasing applications, such as eProcurement and supplier risk and performance management (SRPM), with a particular focus on the increasing overlaps and conflicts between ePurchasing and sell-side B2B eCommerce. He advises clients on their application strategy in these areas, how to make good choices between alternative solution providers, and how to get the best results from implementation.