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Webinar Replay:

Are you ready to flip the new e-invoicing mandates into business automation?


As more Gulf countries adopt e-invoice compliance and focus on supplier localisation, it is time to rethink Accounts Payable. Learn how your organizations can meet the demands of  e-invoicing mandates while minimizing effort, cost, and supplier risk?

Join us for a 30 min webinar on July 24th, where our expert will discuss how this is an opportunity to:

  • Create a Transparent process that de-risks supply chain localisation
  • Use Supplier Collaboration to drive higher levels of invoice automation
  • Build Agility into the process to unlock operational & procurement innovation

Use the need to adopt new regulations for e-invoicing in multiple countries to transform Payables. Flip the slow, tedious manual handling of paper or PDF invoices into efficient, automated and dynamic workflows.

Accounts Payable, Finance, and P2P professionals won’t want to miss this highly informative session.

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