Ivalua | Source-to-Contract (S2C) On-Demand Demonstration

The Source-to-Contract (S2C) process is where procurement identifies and creates value for their organization. This complex series of business processes includes everything from supplier and category management to sourcing projects and contract negotiations, and often suffers from inefficiency, poor visibility, unnecessary complexity, and missed opportunities.

Ivalua offers a completely integrated experience across the entire upstream process, enabling customers to successfully define and execute sourcing and supplier management strategies and lock in the value with contract management. Both Gartner and Forrester have recognized Ivalua as a leader in the S2C category.

Watch this on-demand demo to learn more about Ivalua's S2C solutions which include:

  • Sourcing Projects, RFX, auctions, and category management
  • Supplier information & performance and risk management
  • Contract repository, authoring, and management
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