Ivalua | Strategic Payments On-Demand Demonstration

Unlike the traditional method of paying suppliers via ERP systems, Ivalua offers a seamless payments experience that reduces supplier inquiries, limits the opportunity for fraud, and maximizes procurement’s buying power.

By bridging the gap between finance and procurement, your organization can turn payables into a powerful negotiation asset. Procurement teams are able to secure the best price, the newest innovations, or remove risk from within the supply chain. And for your finance teams, Strategic Payments turn your suppliers' need for cash into an accounts payable automation lever.

As Ivalua’s platform addresses the whole Source-to-Pay journey, Strategic Payments provides your organization with precise control over supplier payments plus end-to-end visibility into the whole supplier payment journey. By coupling seamless invoice processing with 360° payment visibility, your organization gains commercial leverage and removes risk from your supply chain.

Watch this on-demand demo to learn how Ivalua enables your finance and procurement teams to:

  • Remove unwanted supplier inquiries with transaction transparency
  • Turn discrepancies and exceptions into touchless invoicing with pre-matching
  • Unlock next-day payments to cut the friction in tail-end spend
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