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On-demand Demo Days

Environmental Impact Center Demo


Reducing Scope 3 Carbon Emissions in your organization is now firmly a board level agenda — one that Procurement and Supply Chain are essential to. 

But where do you begin? 
Measuring and effectively reducing the environmental impact of your spend can only be done through accurate data and supplier collaboration. Ivalua is heavily invested in helping our customers reduce the environmental impact of the goods and services they purchase and infusing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission data throughout the source-to-pay process. 

View the demo to discover our new solution: The Environmental Impact Center!

Ivalua’s experts are showcasing the following:

  • Establishing emission factor baselines using 3rd party and supplier collected data
  • Tracking emissions with intuitive dashboards and detailed reports
  • Identifying high-emission categories / suppliers to target
  • Guiding users to low carbon alternatives during purchasing


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