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"It is now or never if we want to limit global warming to 1.5°C; without immediate and deep cuts in emissions in all sectors, it will be impossible" warns the IPCC co-chair.

In her latest piece, Natacha Tréhan addresses carbon neutrality from several angles, starting with understanding decarbonization at the global level and the role companies are playing in the expansive global sustainability effort. She further explains the actions of the Procurement function: Why is Procurement on the frontline to decarbonize the company? What can they do? What tools do they need? What methodologies should they be aware of??

Finally, the last part of her research shows that carbon neutrality cannot be achieved without strong, long-term relationships with supplier ecosystems that enable the development of decarbonization innovations. The role of Procurement is decisive in identifying and managing these suppliers, but also in securing the risks of shortages during this climate transition.

"The future is not about what will happen, but what we will do." Henri Bergson

RAISE AWARENESS: Challenges and costs of decarbonization at global level

  1. Challenges of decarbonization at global level
  2. The price of carbon
  3. The cost of decarbonization at global level


UNDERSTAND: How can companies manage decarbonization?

  1. The link between corporate strategy and decarbonization
  2. Measuring the carbon footprint of a company


ACT : Procurement on the frontline

  1. Take action with suppliers
  2. Take action on the products and services purchased
  3. Take action on the way you buy


INVOLVE: Capture supplier innovation

  1. How to identify innovative suppliers and low-carbon technologies
  2. How to secure the supplies required for carbon neutrality


CONSOLIDATE: The essential condition for success