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Customer Case Study

Driving Sustainable Profitability and Competitive Advantage in Retail

By taking this process online we were able to achieve the centralization of data, further develop our supplier database and receive reports from the system to help us properly monitor spend. For procurement it offers a fair and transparent process when selecting a vendor because everything is now online with e-sourcing. Before that, our offline model didn’t give a 360-degree view when we were awarding contracts because costing is not the only factor – we are also looking at service agreements and quality control, as retail is a tricky business."

Hermant Gupta

Case Study

Blackberrys Case Study


About Blackberrys

Blackberrys is among the top three domestic menswear brands in India (and the first to introduce off-the-peg suits) Blackberrys sells across the retail spectrum including pan-Indian multi-brand outlets, ecommerce and large format branded stores carrying its three varieties of menswear – Mainline, Urban and Casual. Blackberrys’ goal was to modernize its procurement and sourcing and move away from manual processes, improve visibility in all categories of spend and minimize risks by boosting supplier collaboration.

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