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Automation in Procurement

Hidden Gems of Sharia Compliance and Islamic Banking


Sharia requirements affect the way Procurement works:

  • Additional controls throughout the Source-to-Pay process,
  • Specific, fair risk-sharing mechanisms with suppliers,
  • Non-conventional financial arrangements in contracts.

These require creativity for Procurement to grow supplier relationships and maintain operational efficiency.

Join our experts Faiq Ali Khan, Procurement Consulting Director Chartered Buying and Arnaud Malardé, Senior Product Marketing Manager Ivalua for a 45 minutes interactive discussion where they explore all the intricacies of Banking and Sharia compliance and provide participants with practical insights to establish a successful procurement strategy.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Increase procurement efficiency through technology.
  • Build a Sharia-compliant Source-to-Pay process.
  • Establish supplier relationships according to Sharia ethics.

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