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Analyst Report:

Procurement 2023: BIG Trends & Predictions

As the world continues to recover from the effects of 2020's pandemic, Chief Procurement Officers and their teams are proactively preparing for 2023. With careful planning amid uncertain times being key to organizational success, CPOs need an effective strategy that will enable them to navigate through these risks in order to maximize value for their procurement decisions.

Ardent Partners' Andrew Bartolini offers an insightful look into the future of procurement this year. As one of today's leading authorities on procurement, his predictions will provide critical insights to help companies stay nimble and proactive in preparing for 2023. 

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  • Top predictions for what's next in Procurement
  • 2023 priorities (be in-the-know!)
  • Preparing for the age of uncertainty–how to pivot to stay proactive and agile

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