Ivalua Invoice Data Capture

The Next Step In Accounts Payable Automation

Today, most organizations are using some form of electronic invoicing with key suppliers. Still, some of your suppliers cannot (or will not) submit invoices electronically and many invoices arrive on paper, in email as PDFs, images or other formats, and via fax.

Ivalua solves the paper invoicing challenge with new capabilities that rapidly convert all non-standard documents into seamless digital workflow that can be routed, approved and paid efficiently.

Download the Ivalua Invoice Data Capture datasheet and discover how it helps your company save Money.

Ivalua Data Capture Benefits:

  • Eliminate lengthy, redundant data capture process & tasks, reduce manual data entry and errors. For a company that handles tens of thousands of invoices per month, even a small margin of error can result in huge losses. Your AP team can be more performant and focus on their real value-added missions and objectives.e
  • Accelerate the invoice processing cycle and you can avoid late payment penalties even better, and reap the benefits of on time or early payment discounts negotiated by buyers.
  • Improve your data accuracy