Imagining the Future of Spend Management Technologies: Ivalua releases findings from latest Procurement Executives survey

Ivalua announces the release of the results of its 4th International Procurement Executives survey, aimed at understanding the drivers shaping Spend Management Technologies today and tomorrow.

For the 4th edition of its International Procurement Executives Survey, Ivalua wished to give Procurement & Finance Executives the opportunity to determine their vision of the future of Spend Management technologies and thus carried out one of the largest prospective studies on the subject.

“There is no innovation without a step back, an inventory. This is why the 4th Ivalua International Procurement Executives Survey “Imagining The Future of Spend Management Technology” begins with a flashback allowing participants to take stock of past innovations and continues with a flash-forward asking participants to project themselves in the period from now to 2026. Thus all the Spend Management functionalities have been scrutinized to determine what Spend Management technology will look like in the near future and what will be the impact of innovations on the Purchasing function. This year again, we were able to count on the participation of several hundred decision-makers around the world. Our sincere thanks go to all of these Executives who have agreed to share their vision on this issue. "
Gérard Dahan – SVP Business EMEA IVALUA